Personal definition for standard breed's


It's a dog with able -bodied apearance ,without being heavy ,expresing strenght and agility in movement.A bullterrier is very attached to family and makes all kind of  "frolies"  to please his master. One who owns a bullterrier will  never say that is getting bored.


If most times he behaves like a clown,a bullterrier can be a good bodyguard,impresing by his imposing aspect.A very important thing is that a bullterrier doesn't bark without a reason , it may be kept even in a flat without disturbing the neighbours barking.If he is well educated, he gets along very well with other dogs, but it is better that the male to be supervised, because bullterrier male tends to be dominant with other dogs.In conclusion, we can say that a bullterrier is a powerfull dog in a tiny cover,  being a bold dog that isn't frighten of enything, and will do anything for his master.


Because of the combination of many breeds in order to obtain the today bullterrier, within this breed we can find four types of bullterrier : the bull type ; the dalmatian type ; the intermediate or mixed type ; the terrier type.Either of the four tipes differes by something.

The Bull Type is  the most massive of them, having a strong musculature, but less elegant.

The Dalmatian Type is tall on his legs, quite elegant .but it's rather long and not very brawny, having rather the aspect of a fat dog.

The Intermediate or Mixed Type is in my mind the ideal bullterrier, being elegant in movement, having an advanced musculature and being tall on his legs so that one may have the sensation of a nimble dog but very powerful.

The Terrier Type is also very elegant, nimble, but insufficiently massive from my point of view.


The Bullterrier Description

It represent the breed's particularity, having the aspect of a rugby ball.Viewed from front the head must appear without hollowness.Bullterrier's head doesn't have stop , the head 's convergence is smooth downward to the nose. This appearance musn't be too exagerated.

THE EARS - Are triangular, erect, situated overhead so that the bisecting lines should be as parallel as possible.

THE EYES - Are small, oblique almost triangular, well root-bounded in eyepits, very embrown.The prolongation taken from the eyes base touch the external edge of ears.

THE FACIAL SPOT - Contrary to what is said, a bullterrier have an expressive facial,being able to express astonishment,  sadness or happiness.The jaw is very strong,and on the upper jaw close to the nose presents a finish.Not all bullterriers have this finish, but it is good to have it because this thing confers a convex aspect of the head.The mandible must be strong and evidently.Babins cover in total amount the teeth,without being of mollos type.The teeth is complete and the bite in scissors,but it is accepted also the bite in tongs, for first class specimens.The nose is in big and black in totality.The facial spot is visibly longer than the cranial spot (see pictures.1a & 1b).

THE NECK - Is strong and concomitently elegant, arched, looking like the one of a horse.It doesn't present a necklace.The neck is continued by the withers,which it is good labelled.

THE BODY - The bullterrier's stock is able-bodied with good arched ribs, even rounden off, the renal zone is short (a few longer on females).In the renal zone doesn't present rarefaction,and the off-grade line ascend fewer in this zoneA bullterrier's chest is good advanced in allthree sizes.

FORMER LIMBS - They have a angularity and brawny shoulders.The forearms are strong, straight and parallel.The paws are small and compact.

POSTERIOR LIMBS - Are very browny in the thigh zone, giving to the bullterrier the aspect of a gladiator.The Knees have a prominent angularity with perpendicular metetersus on the base and  parallel between them.The paws are small and compact.

THE TAIL -  Is adusted lower, it is of medium lenght, burly, weared straight or oblique erected.

THE HAIR AND THE ROBE - The bullterrier's hair is harsher, adhesived on the body, withaut forming whirlpools, excepting the chest where it can form small whirlpools.The bullterrier's skin doesn't form spills,only on the forehead when he is attentively.The colors admitted are white, brindle, black and brown (from yellow to tawny or red ).Aren't allow the spots on the white robe, and on the colored specimens, are admitted only on thase of top quality.

In movement the bullterrier must live the impression of a special vigorously dog, not apatheticly or cowardly. In movement, watched from the front it would be like to see only the former limbs.Watched from the nack, the limbs must be parallel (picture 2a), but in movement it can draw nearer of the median axle(picture 2b). There is prefered the trot.