Leonardia Betty Boop

Leonardia Almost Illegal

Leonardia Bohemian Rapsody

Small, robust  female, she is not trusty with strangers when she meets them.

The head is small regarding the body , with a good profile  that might be rounder from the front .

The eyes are oblique almost triangular, well root-bounded in eyepits..

Ch.Leonardia Simply the Best

The young female is  massive for her age , without being bulky , very brave and curious  about everything new.

The head is nice from the profile and its front it could be a little more round and that thing could happen in time.

The eyes are oblique  with a good shape and well root-bounded in eyepits.

Ears  have the good size, they are erect, situated overhead, giving the head an harmoniaus aspect.

The muzzle is long enough and the  babins cover in total amount the teeth.

The underjaw is strong   for a female.