We dedicate this page to handling or presentation of show dogs!

Handling or presentation of show dogs in caninine countries can be considered the most important type of training, because once you've wronged you want to show your dog that this may affect the dog-handler relationship, a long time. Many times I have seen dogs that are not present or very fearful in exhibitions on the pretext that when they first came out in the yard or house. This, however, shows the level at which he worked with that dog, if he got the attention, if he was beaten, and why not, if the show has a temper. Not all dogs are suitable for shows, and those dogs that have a character and a good temperament, only those dogs can work for exhibitions. Handling requires hard work, patience, and bineintles, much love for the dog to be submitted. Just so you can make every show a good team man-dog!



BOB- Craiova 2011  

World Junior Ch & BOB-World Dog Show- Paris 2011

Bubu- the most loving Chow Chow

Support before first selection!! runing in BOG 1 ring

Dortmunt 2011-FCI show- Jungesieger Dortmunt 2011-VDH show-Europa Jungesieger



Europa Champion-Euro Dog Show- Celje 2010





CACIB Cyprus 2009




CACIB Arad 2010




CACIB Cluj-2010- CACIB Winer                            Euro Dog Show-Tulln Austria 2005- 3 place            CACIB Arad 2010- Best Junior





          CACIB Limasol Ciprus- 2009- BOB                                                 Euro Dog Show 2008- Budapesta Hungary

                                                                                                                                        Second place- junior class





                 CTTBR 2009- BOB                                                            MBTKE 2010-Tata Hungary- 3 place- Champion class