About me

My name is Leonard Adrian Sarbu, I’m the owner of LEONARDIA KENNEL and I breed bullterriers from 2000. If I should start again to breed dogs I certainly choose also the bullterriers and if I would start for the third or fourth time to breed dogs also bullterriers I’ll choose, because till naw beside bullterriers I didn’t find another breed to fit with me 100%.

The first bullterrier I saw it when I was child and more time after this I wanted to have an animal like that.Been asked of wich animal I wished to have I didn’t know what to answer because I didn’t know what kind of creature it was that one that I saw it.I gave some details but my mother thought that I want some creature seen in SF cartoons. Later on I find out that the”creature “ is a dog and it’s name is Bullterrier.

I inquired about this dog ,from where I can procure one, but at that time this kind of dogs were very rarely in ROMANIA .My parents thought that I had to grow up first,because I was to little for this kind of investment.In summer of 2000,I bought my first bullterrier female,short time after this I was looking for a partner for her and I bought a male named UGO.This was the beginning of LEONARDIA  KENNEL.

At present I try to improve the breed in Romania and I can say that in each litter made by my kennel I tried to have at least one champion.