He was the only one who unconditionaly loved me, he was the only one who opened my eyes upon this magnifical breed,he was the only one who teached me what it means the emotions of a contest,he was the only one who revealed me the sweet taste of first victory, he was UGO.

For many breeders, the value of their dog grow up at the same time with the titles number, but for me UGO will have the biggest value, no matter how many dogs I will have and how many contest they will won. He was the bullterrier that it wasn’t a dog but a part of me,he was a friend, he was my soul mate. He passed away to sooner, taking with him a part of my soul, that part that he fulled with his love.

Till I will passed away, for me he will be the dearliest, the favourite, my first bullterrier,THE CHAMPION OF MY SOUL, he was Ugo of Leonardia.


In 2003 I had to put him asleep because of a lung tumour, and the pain he had to endure!